Paradise Motel
(250) 998-4685
In Hixon, BC
Welcome to the Paradise Motel

We are committed to a comfortable and pleasant guest experience.

Small, quiet, unique nine room motel.

Located not far from the highway on a quiet residential street in Hixon, BC.

Shaw Direct Satellite TV with lots of specialty, sports and network channels.

Wifi access in every room

Nearby public access to Naver Creek.

We have put in place several protocols to protect our customers and ourselves from Covid 19 and comply with BC Health Orders and WorksafeBC regulations.

Control measures for maintaining physical distance in the workplace:

-  signage posted in public areas outlining physical distancing measures (minimum of 2 metres/6 feet) and the wearing
   of facial coverings in all public and shared areas
-  hand sanitizers and single-use disposable wipes are located in the front lobby area
-  changes made to work schedules limiting number of workers cleaning rooms at one time
-  changes to how tasks are done by rearranging work tasks so that workers are not required to work in close proximity  
   to each other
-  signage posted in public areas outlining occupancy limits
-  limiting or prohibiting visitors from staying overnight or on a weekly basis, (month-by-month stays only)
-  reducing the number of customers allowed to stay at one time
-  limiting number of registered guests per room to immediate family only.  No outside or unregistered visitors will be  
   permitted into guest suites
-  reducing the number of rooms available to maintain physical distance between guests
-  reduce in-person contact by communicating with guests via memo, text messages or telephone calls, as much as
-  reduce in-person contact by encouraging guests to pay online using e-transfer, as much as possible
-  it is recommended that anyone with underlying medical conditions not visit our facility
-  anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or cold-like symptoms (fever, persistent cough, body aches and chills, loss
   of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea, sore throat) will not be permitted on the premises.  If you are sick, please stay
-  anyone who has traveled outside Canada, will not be permitted on our premises until completed a period of
   self-isolation for a minimum of 14 days.  Follow any Provincial protocols for traveling into British Columbia from
   another province
-  failure to observe physical distancing rules and other COVID-19 protocols puts this facility at risk for closure or
   monetary fines, and as such, any guests not observing such rules will be asked to vacate the premises
-  any workers observed or reported not adhering to the COVID-19 protocols will be given verbal and written warnings,
   and in extreme cases, termination.  We will employ a progressive, "3-strike" discipline policy which will be given in 1)  
   verbal warnings, 2) written and verbal warnings, 3) 2nd written warning and lastly, termination if non-compliance

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